The English Music Ministry under the fabulous leadership of Laura Walker-Jones comprises of the Traditional choir, the Gospel choir and the Youth choir. The Gospel choir sings on the 1st Sunday of the month. The Traditional choir sings on the 2nd Second, followed by the Youth choir which sings on the 3rd Sunday. Then all the choirs sing together on the 4th Sunday and 5th Sunday depending on the month.

The St. Cecilia Igbo Choir  comprises of the Adult and Children choir. The Children choir sings on the 3rd Sunday while the Adult choir sings every other Sunday. This is setup through the joint efforts of Paul, Celsus- the Organist, Dr. Eugiene, and other Choristers.


St. Cecilia Igbo Adult Choir: Every Thursday at 6:30pm inside the church by the choir stand; Every Sunday after 12:30pm Mass.

St. Cecilia Igbo Children’s Choir: Every 1st and 2nd Sunday after 12:30pm Mass.

The Gospel Choir: 1st Saturday of every month  at 2pm.

Traditional Choir: 2nd Saturday of every month at 10am.

Youth Choir: 3rd Saturday of every month at 2pm.

Traditional and Gospel Choir: Alternate every 4th and/or 5th Saturdays at their respective times.

We welcome all parishioners and visitors who would like to join any of our choir groups as we encourage our parents to bring their children to join the choir. We have talented directors to impart them…while they are still young. Who knows  if the next Gospel Music Artist will come from our Children’s choir.

All these practice days are subject to change. Choristers are advised to always check the Choir whatsApp forum for up to date information.


Among other things, St. Clement Pope Church is known for its music. Every visitor to our church as well as our Parishioners are amazed at the dedication of our choristers, and the sophisticated musical performances we render. It is centrally channeled towards engaging our parishioners to the liturgy and evangelization.

From the African American Spirituals to the St. Cecilia Igbo Choir Native instruments, glory and praise is given to God whenever the choristers raise their voices. The parishioners and visitors are in awe. Even the Bishop dance to the music during the Mass when he visits us. It is a spiritual experience you have to witness and we assure you , you will be left in awe.

The music ministry at St. Clement Pope Church is also a means of engaging our young ones, keeping them focused to Jesus Christ. There are the Igbo Children choir and the English youth choir. Their voices are angelic. In this age of so much distractions, the music ministry is one of the impactful ways of keeping the youths engaged in the activities of the Church thereby channeling their attention to God. Feel free to join our Masses every Sunday at 9:30am (for the English Choir) and 12:30pm (for the Igbo Choir). You will enjoy the Masses in addition to the blessings that come with it.


The Choir as we all know is an integral part of the Eucharistic Celebration and plays a very important role during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

The Igbo Choir is called St. Cecilia’s Choir. It was named after the patron saints of all choirs. When the Igbo Group joined the St. Clement Pope Church with the main aim of celebrating the Eucharist in the Igbo language and Culture, the need for a Nigerian/Igbo Choir was born.

Consequently. St. Cecilia choir came into existence when a group of young men and women of Igbo origin came together to sing, pray and worship God in Nigerian language and Culture during the Holy Mass.

St. Cecilia Choir of St. Clement Pope Church has grown over the years from just a gathering of interested choristers to a formidable choir with world class and dedicated Choristers who have improved tremendously over time.

Membership to the singing ministry is open to any worshiping member of St. Clement Pope Church interested to show dedication and to undergo proper/approved training in the direction of the Diocese. 


St. Cecilia Choir of St. Clement Pope Church sings mostly Nigerian Church music of Igbo extraction because 95 percent of worshipers are Igbos. St. Cecilia Choir also features some other songs from other Nigerian/West African languages. The Choir also renders English and classical songs to add flavor to the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

As a way of creating a deeper sense of inculturation, the choir uses the native Nigerian musical instruments to accompany the liturgical singing and mild dancing during the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist.