Fr. Christogonus Iwunze, S.D.V.

Fr. Chris is a dedicated priest of the Society of Divine Vocations – Vocationist Fathers – serving as the PASTOR of St. Clement Pope. Fr. Chris deep spirituality, humility and simplicity is an example to be followed. We are blessed to have him among us.

Fr. Eric Ugochukwu, S.D.V.

Fr. Eric is a Vocationist priest serving as PAROCHIAL VICAR at St Clement Pope church. As an erudite preacher, Fr. Eric brings his pastoral zeal to minister to the people of our parish. We thank God for your presence in our parish community.

Deacon Nathaniel Smith

Deacon Nathaniel has always been a central figure in our church. He was ordained in 1988 and has been serving our church since. He is an exemplary figure for our youth. All his life has been about serving God through the church. We are grateful for his work in our parish. 

Sandra Jean

Sandra is our Pastoral Associate and Director of Faith Formation. She supports our pastor in leadership, bringing us closer to God. Sandra is dedicated, taking seriously the job of preparing the young minds and new members. We are blessed to have her in our parish.

Lillian Douglas

Lillian is our Parish Administrative Assistant. As an indispensable part of our parish, Lillian assists our Pastor on administrative decisions and the organization of our parish. We are very grateful for her presence among us.

Ifeanyi Oraekwe

Ifeanyi is a Catechist, a young enthusiast of our parish. He is our Spokesperson, the liaison officer between the parishioners and clergy. We are very grateful for his dedication to St. Clement Pope.

Maxine S. Ansley 

Maxine is one of our Parish Trustees. She is always reaching out to ensure everything is going alright. Her advises and input is manifest in the constant growth and progress of our Parish. She is certainly a blessing to us.

Chinedu Uzochukwu

Do you know when you come to the church and everything is ready? You have Chinedu to thank. He is our church custodian.  Chinedu is always there from opening the church, to helping at the rectory, coordinating activities, etc. Thank you, Chinedu.

Paul C. Ezegamba

Paul is the unquenchable music director of St. Cecilia Igbo Choir. Sun or rain, he is there to make our Masses and other liturgical activities lively. The musical and spiritual enrichment brought about by the Igbo Choir and the instrumentation are unique. They are made possible through his leadership coordination. God bless him. 

Melvin Chandler

Melvin’s music is soul calming. His skills and experiences in African American Spiritual and Gospel music is unmatched. Simple, but blessed and talented, he is one of the two organists in the English Choir. He is always there to grace the liturgy with his musical accompaniment. We him and are blessed by his work. 

Celsus Okanga

CJ, as he is popularly known, is the exceptionally talented and experienced organist for the Igbo Choir in our church. He works with Paul to add livelihood and more devotion to the Eucharist in the Mass through Music.  We are grateful to his commitment to our parish. 

Peter Thomas

Peter is one of our church organists. He attended the Aaron Copland School of Music at CUNY Queens College and has a BA in music. We are grateful for his contribution to our parish liturgy.  

Nze K. Obi

Nze is a dedicated Christian who is willing to serve God and his Christian Community with all his strength and resources as Catechist Assistant. We are grateful for his good work and dedication to our parish.